Why I Changed My Business Name


Why I Changed My Business Name

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I have a confession to make; after 6 years in business, I changed my business name. For most who have worked with me, this may have came as quite a shock, but it was really a change that took about a year or better to come to fruition. 

I've known for awhile that my business name was going to change, but I had a really hard time choosing the right name. I needed a name that still felt like me, but didn't limit me to what I offered. I knew I needed to drop "photography", since I also do a bit of web design and consulting. I also felt like if I continued as "Haley Walls Photography" I wasn't comfortable with sharing some of my other interests and that I needed to stick with keeping things strictly business here on the blog. That was not something that I wanted to keep doing, because I knew that in order to reach my ideal client, I needed to open up more of my personal life and share some of my interests such as cooking, DIY projects, web design tips, and travel, among other things.

Around May I was looking through some of my work and I started noticing that my images had a few things in common: 

  1. My studio work had transitioned from being pretty traditional to having more of a lifestyle and minimalistic aesthetic.
  2. My images had a sense of simplicity and I tried to keep interactions and connections as honest as possible.
  3. Detail images were just as important as the images with the subject's faces because they helped tell the story.

In addition to this I started thinking about how I wanted clients to view me as an individual, as a business owner, and as a photographer. I wanted my clients to know that I care about them and their story. I wanted them to know that when they work with me that I will photograph them just as I do my own family; from a place of love. And most importantly, I wanted them to feel that when we talk, even if it's not about business, that I will try to communicate in a sincere and thoughtful way because what they have to say is important.

Eventually, I came up with my new business name, "Sincerely, Haley", and I filed all of the necessary paperwork right away.

Some people will think I'm crazy for changing my business name after so long, but I feel like it was a necessary change. 

Along with the new name comes a whole new way of doing things around here and I can't wait for the journey!

How did you choose your business name?