Newborn Session Essentials


Newborn Session Essentials

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Getting starting with newborn photography can be pretty overwhelming. Not only do you need to learn about newborn safety and provide a safe environment for the session, but it can seem like you need to stock your studio with a million different items to make sure the session is a success.


While it's nice to have a huge selection of baskets, buckets, wraps, headbands, hats, and blankets for your sessions available for your clients, it takes A LOT of time to accumulate a large selection unless you have the funds to purchase it all before you start taking newborn clients. I don't recommend that approach, simply because you never know if you're going to enjoy photographing babies until you have a few sessions completed. If you decide that newborn photography simply isn't for you after just a few sessions, you would be stuck with all of those props and accessories until you had the time to sell them all. 


So, what I recommend to every photographer that is just getting started with setting up their newborn studio is that in addition to your camera, lighting (unless your studio is all natural light), and beanbag, that you take the time to purchase the following:

  1. 3-4 headbands/tiebacks - I would make sure that these aren't too similar so that your clients have a little more variety to choose from.
  2. 3 hats - I would choose one that is gender neutral, one that is specifically made for a boy, and one that is specifically made for a girl.
  3. 6 wraps - I would have 2 neutral colored wraps, 2 wraps in pinks/purples, and 2 wraps in blues and greens. That should get you through your first few sessions and give your clients some options to fit the style and color of their baby's nursery.
  4. 4 blankets - You definitely don't have to go crazy here for your first few sessions. Get a few nice neutral colored blankets, maybe add a blue, green, or pink and you're set.
  5. sound machine - I use a sound machine for every newborn session. It really helps keep the environment relaxed. If you don't want to purchase one, you can also use a white noise app on your phone.

I hope this list was helpful to you and good luck!